Project Objectives

Collaborative platform for ICT in Agricultural Extension in WB based on V4 best practices (AEWB­-ICT)



The Agricultural Extension (AE) is one of the crucial elements for the development of the countries’ agricultural sector. Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) have played significant role in increasing the level of preparedness of the national AE to encounter modern agricultural challenges. WB have limited implementation and usage of ICTs for providing AE services. Existing V4 experience for using ICTs in AE presents an asset that can accelerate the process of adopting these technologies in WB’s AE. This presents a core element for cooperation among V4 and WB. The collaboration can contribute into synchronization of countries’ agricultural sectors and growth of already well established economic cooperation around the agriculture and food industry in partner countries.


V4 experience in ICT for AE can significantly contribute for avoidance of unnecessary bottlenecks in the process of adoption of ICTs in AE in WB. This process requires understanding of farmers’ needs, their willingness to accept ICTs and AE’s capacity to adopt ICTs. Encountering current farmers’ needs in WB and V4’s know­how in the area of ICTs in AE will provide the foundations for a customized approach for implementing of ICTs in WB AE. More specifically, the project results will contribute for more efficient incorporation of WB’s AE in Integrated Administration and Control System and compliant Farm Advisory System, which will have an impact of the process of harmonization of WB to EU’s Common Agriculture Policy.

Regional relevance

V4­WB cooperation in the area of ICTs for AE is of tremendous importance given the fact that V4 are ahead from WB in the given project issue. This advantage of the V4 countries presents a valuable asset for the WB to achieve faster and more efficient progress in implementation of ICTs in AE. Additionally, synchronization of the level of development of the AE in WB with V4 on long run will have a significant impact on the level of harmonization of the agricultural sectors between the two groups of countries which will have an impact on the overall economic cooperation. The local and national approach does not provide proper harmonization of the AE model which is a significant precondition for the growth of the economic cooperation in the area of agri­food industry among the two regions.

Target Groups

  • “Agricultural Extension agencies ­ (Indirect involvement) (Macedonia, Albania, Serbia, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic)”
  • “Farmers Organisations ­ Indirect Involvement (Macedonia, Albania, Serbia, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic)”
  • “Foundation Agro­Center for Education” ­ Direct Involvement (Macedonia)”
  • “Experts ­ Direct Involvement”, Delegated by partners involved in the project

Main project objective

The main objective of the project is to establish a collaboration platform among key stakeholders in the agri­food sector in V4 and WB for the purpose of creating the foundations for adoption of ICTs in AE in WB, based on the experience of the V4. Exploiting regional experience in the area of ICTs in AE enables faster synchronization of the agri­food industry among partner countries resulting in higher economic development in the region.