The Agricultural Extension (AE) is one of the crucial elements for the development of the countries’ agricultural sector. Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) have played significant role in increasing the level of preparedness of the national AE to encounter modern agricultural challenges. WB have limited implementation and usage of ICTs for providing AE services. Existing V4 experience for using ICTs in AE presents an asset that can accelerate the process of adopting these technologies in WB’s AE. This presents a core element for cooperation among V4 and WB. The collaboration can contribute into synchronization of countries’ agricultural sectors and growth of already well established economic cooperation around the agriculture and food industry in partner countries

PROJECT SOLUTION V4 experience in ICT for AE can significantly contribute for avoidance of unnecessary bottlenecks in the process of adoption of ICTs in AE in WB. This process requires understanding of farmers’ needs, their willingness to accept ICTs and AE’s capacity to adopt ICTs. Encountering current farmers’ needs in WB and V4's know­how in the area of ICTs in AE will provide the foundations for a customized approach for implementing of ICTs in WB AE. More specifically, the project results will contribute for more efficient incorporation of WB’s AE in Integrated Administration and Control System and compliant Farm Advisory System, which will have an impact of the process of harmonization of WB to EU’s Common Agriculture Policy.

The main objective of the project is to establish a collaboration platform among key stakeholders in the agri­food sector in V4 and WB for the purpose of creating the foundations for adoption of ICTs in AE in WB, based on the experience of the V4. Exploiting regional experience in the area of ICTs in AE enables faster synchronization of the agri­food industry among partner countries resulting in higher economic development in the region


The Agricultural Extension (AE) is one of the crucial elements for the development of the countries’ agricultural sector. Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) have played significant role in increasing the level of preparedness of the national AE to encounter modern agricultural challenges. WB have limited implementation and usage of ICTs for providing AE services.

Agricultural Extension Agencies

AE agencies have significant number of users (not less than 5000 users) and solid geographical reach of their systems for providing services. In addition they have experience in development and usage of ICT tools and in field research and collecting data

Foundation Agro­Center for Education

FACE has experience in organizing educational events in agriculture, in project management and in gender issue and youth involvement


The experts have significant number of users that are served through the support system and solid geographical reach of their activities. They also have expertise in ICT tools for support of farmers as well as experience in field research and project management management.


Farmers Organisations

Experience in organizing educational events in agriculture; Experience in project management; Experience in gender issue and youth involvement;


Transfer of knowledge and experience in using ICTs in AE

Transferring of already existing knowledge and experience in using ICTs in AE in V4 will enable faster and efficient adoption of these technologies in AE in WB and avoidance of unnecessary bottleneck in the process.

Gathering V4 experience in using ICTs in AE and understanding farmers’ behavior in WB

Encountering the valuable experience in using ICTs in AE in V4 with good understanding of farmers’ behavior in WB will enable creation the foundation for customized model for adoption of these technologies in WB

White paper disseminated to key stakeholders in the system of AE in WB and V4

The white paper consisted of the conclusions from the final event in the project has the purpose to guide each of the stakeholders (Governments, AE, ICT companies, Farmers’ Organizations) to efficiently fit in the process of implementing ICTs in AE in WB.


The Foundation Agro-Centre for Education – FACE is non-profit organization founded in 2006 as a Centre of excellence for development of human resources in the areas of agriculture, food production, environment protection and rural development in Macedonia and the region. FACE’s education services satisfy the needs of the farmers, experts, industry managers, policy makers, civil servants and the NGO sector in Macedonia and in the region in areas of agriculture, food production, environment protection and rural development. The aim of FACE is development of the agriculture in Macedonia and the region, trough capacity building, based on non-formal and formal education.

Knowledge Access

To insure equal access to knowledge for farmers, adjacent industries, government and local administration, entrepreneurs, advisory services in agriculture, experts from private and non- governmental organizations, students, FACE employees and especially, but not exclusively, to the members of the rural communities

Education & Research

To connect education and research, with emphasis on the promotion of innovative and applicable mechanisms. To implement university programs and programs from other local and foreign educational institutions. To actively work on adjusting the educational programs to the needs to the market economy rules, labor market needs and public administration;


To support of local capacity building, by education and training and to foster larger number of users


To mobilize and receive funding, from internal funds or from outside sources, for educational projects and services

Stable environment

To help in creation of stable environment for development of non-formal and formal education in the field of agriculture;


To create a network of cooperation with local, regional and international organizations, as well as support of all inter-institutional cooperation and coordination.

Our Team

This is our team of experts responsible for successful project implementation and coordination.



Blagoja Mukanov




Sarka Horakova

Czech Republic

Andrea Lehotayová


Petrit Dobi


Maja Žikić


Nikola Trendov


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Questionnaire and in-depth Interviews   After the initial Kick off Meeting of the project Agriculture Extension in Western Balkan Countries, interviews and questionnaires were done for the purpose of starting the process of understanding farmers’ needs, their willingness to accept ICTs and AE’s capacity to adopt ICTs. Understanding current farmers’ needs in WB and...

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